Company Policy


The policy of DGT “ZIKOL” DOOEL is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, security equipment and safety systems for all employees. We also take responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities.

The company accepts responsibility:

  • To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions in their premises and in the premises of clients, taking into account the relevant legal requirements.
  • To provide security and health training for employees relevant to their specific operations, in order to ensure safe and efficient work.
  • Cooperation with all interested parties with an open and cultural dialogue, in order to contribute jointly to improving the health and safety at work.
  • Make appropriate safety devices and protective equipment available.
  • To maintain a continuous interest in the health and safety of all employees involved in the company’s working activities.
  • The company will actively carry out risk assessments on all aspects of operations.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of their safety and health responsibilities as well as the environment.

The employees of the company have an obligation to cooperate in this goal:

  • with safe and efficient operation,
  • with proper use of safety devices and protective equipment,
  • by complying with legal obligations,
  • reporting incidents that could lead to injury or damage,
  • respecting work procedures and monitoring guidelines in order to contribute to the protection of health and safety,
  • collaborating in the investigation of accidents with the subject of introducing measures to minimize the possibility of recurrence,
  • responsible behavior and taking safety measures, reducing the risk of injuries and health problems


Zikol strives to achieve lasting prosperity and financial success, but the way to achieve it is of great importance to us. The overall activities and quality work of our company must have a positive impact on clients, associates, employees and their families, as well as the whole society. That is why we succeed in setting ourselves up as a stable subject on the market for designing and building buildings of civil engineering and civil engineering.

In order to effectively implement our quality policy, the management determines the basic quality objectives:

  • Extensions to Company’s market profits for each year
  • sales growth
  • Increased conversion of buildings and civil engineering structures
  • Realization of buildings with own investment
  • Reduction of customer complaints – a figure or financial equivalent
  • increasing the operational and cost-effectiveness of object realization
  • expanding the activity on the territory of the state

In order to achieve these goals, the efforts are directed towards fulfilling the following activities / tasks and tasks:

  • developing and supporting a flexible marketing policy
  • reorganization and support of the procurement sector, which will enable the procurement of materials of appropriate quality and leave room for the operation to pay more attention to incorporating them with appropriate methods
  • to direct activities in order to better present the Company to the customers in the current year
  • Ensure and support an efficient and secure work environment
  • providing highly qualified personnel with established continuous training. Maintaining the necessary professional certificates for workers
  • quality control of all stages in object realization
  • performing a periodic analysis of the normative documents, assessing the impact of the activities carried out by us as well as continuously implementing all the obligations given in this type of document
  • the company will endeavor to perform its activities according to the PDCA system.
  • installation, maintenance and implementation of the requirements of the integrated quality management system in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14 001: 2015 and OHSAS 18 001: 2007, and accordingly successful certification.

Our employees and employees are responsible for the quality of the offered products and services within their professional competence and strive to avoid inadequacies with the quality requirements. Adequate training and qualification of employees are a precondition for high professionalism, corresponding to the quality of our work, products.
The quality of our services depends heavily on the quality of the built-in materials. That’s why we demand from our suppliers, the highest quality and we seek the closest cooperation with them in achieving the general quality objectives.The ongoing improvements in the Quality Management System are decisive for the success of the company’s strategy as a whole. It is important for us not only to eliminate inadequacies in products and services, but also the causes that lead to it.

We want customers who are satisfied with our work.

The customer’s assessment of the quality of our work is a motive to continue to improve ourselves.


The company DGT “ZIKOL” DOOEL, Strumica aims to continuously improve the environmental protection, maintenance and development of the implemented management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 in implementing the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
This policy is aimed at developing all environmental activities and processes acceptable to the environment in a manner and within the framework of the following guiding principles:

  • Protecting the environment by reducing air, water, soil and waste management;
  • Achieve compliance with legal and voluntarily accepted environmental protection requirements that relate to the Company’s activities, processes, products and services and their aspects;
  • The economical consumption of natural and energy resources;
  • Reduce the minimum and preferably prevent environmental pollution by accepting long-term and short-term programs;
  • Applying the best available techniques and technologies, wherever possible and economically appropriate
  • Striving to reuse and recycle waste generation, and their proper use and disposal
  • Monitoring and measuring the key features of processes and activities that have a significant impact on the environment;
  • Providing the necessary training and strengthening personal responsibility for environmental protection;
  • Active collaboration with authorized environmental control organizations.

The management of DGT “ZIKOL” DOOEL, Strumica, obliges the company’s personnel to apply the principles and requirements that arise from the environmental policy and apply them in the performance of their official duties. Each employee’s personal responsibility for environmental protection, as well as respecting the principles derived from the implemented management system, is the responsibility of every one of the employees in the company.