Mission and Goals

At ZIKOL, integrity and quality are not mere promises. They are the fundament of our work as well as solid foundations on which we build-up our ideas. The passion towards what we do is a powerful tool for the realization of our purposes.

In realization of our mission we are guided by principles which are timeless:

  • Discipline
  • Realization of the set terms
  • Always in search for the best solution
  • Complete responsibility towards clients
  • Dedicated team work and long-term relations
  • Highest quality of the services
  • Exclusive performance
  • Efficiency
  • Economy and functionality
  • Continuous reproduction of innovative ideas
  • Security at work

ZIKOL socially responsible company

Although, by definition, the goal of any company is to make a profit, we as ZIKOL think that its very important the way and manner that one accomplishes the same. All activities and the work of the enterprise must have a positive impact on customers, collaborators, employees and their families, and even the whole society.

ZIKOL is a company that consistently respects and applies the rules of social responsibility:

  • Respect for fundamental human rights
  • Ethical and honest operation
  • Respect and equal treatment of employees
  • Responsibility towards the environment
  • Respect for the treatment of the local community and other

ZIKOL as a company that is socially responsible, bases its philosophy on the concern for the citizens and the community. We respond to the needs of the community by supporting organizations and activities that improve the quality of life where our customers, partners, suppliers, contractors, local community members and employees work, live and do business.

ZIKOL the practicing of social responsibility has integrated it tightly into its business culture and operations.

The distinguished relation of Elena Pandeva-Kitrozoska with the community, was rewarded with the award for Corporate philanthropy granted by the Center for Institutional Development (CIRA) in 2010.


Some of the organizations, events and projects which we have supported in thru the years:

  • Municipality of Gazi Baba – Square in Avtokomanda
  • Municipality of Aerodrom – Church St. Nikola
  • Municipality of Aerodrom – Church St. Gjorgjija
  • Municipality of Aerodrom – Playground for small sports
  • Municipality of Aerodrom – Church St. Ilija
  • Municipality of Aerodrom, v. Dolno Lisice – Playground in the Elementary school “Goce Delchev”
  • Municipality of Kochani – Church St. Blagoveshtenie
  • Monastery St. Jovan Bigorski
  • Faculty of civil engineering  – Macedonian society for geotechnics
  • BALWOIS Conference – Ohrid 2012
  • Faculty of architecture  – Participation to a creative workshop
  • Individual donations to students for participations on seminars, symposiums and conferences
  • Gimnazijada Skopje 2010
  • Faculty of civil engineering  – 37th Gradezhnijada in Budva and 38th Gradezhnijada in Kopaonik
  • Memorial center Nikola Kljusev – Construction activities for the needs of the foundation
  • Skopje ZOO – Construction activities
  • Municipality of Aerodrom – five projects for water theme parks, “Park of lakes”, fountains and more
  • Macedonian Orthodox seminary – prom pilgrimage
  • EESTEK Local committee(Electro-technical faculty) – Seminar Feel the energy
  • Elementary school “Mirche Acev” – ОУ Мирче Ацев – Equipment for classrooms
  • TFA AF Strumica – Film festival Aster Fest Strumica
  • Association of Structural Engineers – International Symposium
  • Macedonian Orthodox Church – Church St. Spas in v.Angelci
  • Chess federation of Macedonia – International chess tournament
  • Macedonian Orthodox Church – Diocese of Strumica
  • Association talents – Humanitarian concert
  • Faculty of architecture  – Participation to an international summer school
  • Strumica, v. Turnovo – Church St.Petka and St. Gjorgjija
  • Strumica, v. Raborci – Church St. Cyril and Methodius
  • Fencing wall for the residential complex of MOC with applications of Christianity
  • Humanitarian donations to citizens for treatments abroad
  • Together with Elena Luka (which is founded by Zikol) we have participated on a number of humanitarian actions and donation events for the support of  Homes for orphans, SOS Children’s Village, nursing homes, hospitals, Polioplus, SOZM, etc.