About Us

ZIKOL is a leader in the construction of your vision. We are builders above all and this is what makes us different from the others!

The real values of life are always in harmony with the high-quality lifestyle. Following this principle ZIKOL has, since the year 1987 been part of the memories of the life stories in many families. Our experience and professionalism intertwines quality, reliability, innovativeness, functionality and the sense of aesthetics in building your HOME, the space where happy moments are part of everyday life.

The continuous progress of ZIKOL, led by the entrepreneurship spirit and the innovative ideas of the manager Zhivko Pandev, defined this company as a Macedonian brand and a leader in construction industry and has, for more than 25 years, been building up its mission. As a leader in its sector and with completely private capital, ZIKOL provides for the entire scope of services in the field of construction and on the real estate market. We respect the rules of the market, the art of creation and the advantage of self-respect based on knowledge. Technology progress and the clients’ needs change, with time, the construction industry standards, but the principles of reliability, quality and professionalism in our business activity remain an unchangeable factor of our success!

Our employees are part of the family…

The nature of the relations among our employees is like the one among the members of a family. We all function for the purpose of realization of our own positive aims which will before all, confirm our quality, satisfying in the same time the strictest market demands. Thanks to team work, the long-lasting relations and the qualified staff in the field of architecture, civil engineering and the development of the real estate market and their perfectly synchronized operation, we are prepared to meet the diverse requirements of our clients and to help them build their secure future. Today!!!

The clients are our leading motivation…

In the relation with its clients, ZIKOL has always been maximally devoted to the professional realization of the ideas and to meeting all possible demands, always ready to face any possible challenges. When the issues are complicated, and the risk inestimable, the search of the answer from real professionals is of essential importance.

ZIKOL builds up reliability and quality on the foundations of tradition, which is supported by the impressive portfolio of the realized projects. The year-long experience of ZIKOL includes the realization of a large number of designs, both in civil engineering and building construction, for investors like: the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Telecommunications as well as many other programs financed by diverse European institutions: the European Agency for Reconstruction, the European Bank of Support and Development, PROWA, SIP-Program financed by KFW BANK and a large number of other activities in the chronology of our company. Our work experience has provided us with larger flexibility and better organization, which are especially important assets which allow for better compatibility on the market. The highly set ambitions, aiming at ever better quality and more professional service, as well as the location on a favorable position on the market, were the principle motivations for the implementation of the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system which brought ZIKOL a Certificate of Quality Management in March 2005.

Responsibility is our fundamental working principle…

We care for the society we serve.

High performance levels. Environmental standards. Longevity. Each of these concepts is in favor of our ideology: We are building your safe future today.

One of the fundamental priorities in the professional operation of ZIKOL is the respect to the environmental ethics and protection of the environment, which is practically applied in each one of our projects through the use of the programs of zero-emission of dangerous matters, as well as the use of environment-compatible materials, in view of providing for protection of each of the employees at their working position, we well as of the environment itself. Our choice does not hold only for the present, and for ourselves! Our responsibility in the society is a long-term one and its results represent heritage for the generations to come.