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General manager

Zikol builds it’s safety and quality on the foundations of tradition, experience and knowledge.

Since the year 1987, Zikol is a leader in the building of your future, today. Successfully responding to the temporal and technological challenges, we’ve created a brand in the construction industry which signature is on a big number of successfully finished projects.

Zikol respects the rules of the market, the requests of the clients, the art of creation and the advantage of knowledge.

Thanks to the team of professionals for Zikol there are no deadlines that cannot be met and quality that cannot be achieved.

With certain steps we continue with achieving our vision.

Our people are the motivational force of our sure success.

Proper people on proper positions – this is the leading motto in the human resource management at ZIKOL. Highly qualified professionals with year-long experience in their sector are the guarantee of the reliability and the quality of our work.

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