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The complete picture we get from the situation on the site, thanks to the long years of working experience in terms of the carpentry works in the buildings Zikol has built so far, lead to an innovative idea whose realization begun in the year of 2006 and refers to the project NEW WINDOWS FOR ONE EURO.

The realization of this project practically marked the extension of D.G.T. Zikol with a new sector equipped with technology in line with the highest world standards and technology trends.

The quality we offer is a combination of a completely automated production line supported by the skill and expertise of our professionals. As a company with long years of experience, we are aware that the quality, materials and execution are essential for superior performance.

Each ZIKOL product is fabricated in a unique way in order to fit your home. Our team of experts is completely dedicated to performing each project efficiently, professionally and with a minimum disruption to your family peace and quiet.


InnoNova 70A

The symmetrical disposition of the frame and the wings as well as the small facade width of the profile TROCAL Innonova_70A offers a sufficient space for shaping the facades. The main feature of this system are the two washers – one inside and one outside permanent elastic washer whose role is to protect the space between the wings and the frame. The chambers (which are a patented part) give the window high stability and at the same time prevent the torque forces.  The profiles can consist of two washers (InnoNova_70АD) and of three washers as well, central (InnoNova_70 MD). The both versions are available in Classic and Elegance variants. Eventually, the higher EnEV requirements, (the regulations on saving energy) are fully met by means of the depth of the construction which is 70 mm and the U value of 1,1 W/m2K. This means that they are economical and ecological at the same time.



Thermal Isolation

The old windows are the main reason for the huge waste of energy. In addition to the fact that we don’t need this, it is also very expensive.  Modern solutions tell us a different story about a profile which saves energy, has a thermo-isolating glass, properly installed types of closures. The UW value, or the factor of heat transfer of the whole window, measures the amount of heat that goes outside. The following rule applies: the lower UW value the higher energy saving. Even when it is made of standard glass, TROCAL InnoNova_70 provides better thermal isolation than the level regulated with the Act of Energy Saving EnEv. This kind of isolation can be increased by means of different types of thermo-isolating glass.





Sound Isolation

A peaceful lifestyle is an important element of the quality of our life. However, our everyday lifestyle in particular, is badly affected by some of the common environmental factors.  For instance, 70 % of the population in the industrial countries consider the noise from the road traffic very unpleasant. In addition, the windows are the thinnest part of the facade, therefore it is very important to make the best choice of components which will not only reduce the noise from outside , but when necessary they would completely eliminate it. There are six categories of window isolation. The more sound energy the window absorbs, the smaller is the amount of the noise from outside. One important factor which affects the amount of the noise coming from outside is the right choice of glass, window panes and frames and the way these are put together during the installation. With the PVC TROCAL windows you can be sure that the glass is permanently connected to the frame which makes your home safe and secure from the noise from outside. For example, TROCAL InnoNova_70 windows fit into the standard openings which correspond to transmission class 3. Higher class may be achieved at any time with denser glass.


TROCAL ALUFUSION profiles are the beginning of a new dimension in the technology of window production


Special look:

The special inner wood decoration and the infinite colour variations of the aluminum profile, as well as the oval edges and the flat junctions, give this window a harmonious look.

Special isolation:

There is a waterproof guarantee because of its special method of glazing. There is no need of glass holders and joints which absorb dirt. There is a complete isolation at the angles of the window wings in terms of the best possible thermal isolation.


Special stability:

Now, it is possible to both lengthen and shut the profile as well as to control it vertically. This new technology of window production makes it possible to construct larger windows (windows that consist of more levels) eliminating the possibility for twisting ( the bimetallic effect).   

Special static:

There is a new method of joining the wings and the aluminum, the aluminum with the external side takes over the static and provides stability which is thirteen times bigger  than the in usual PVC window.